Moscow court fined Google several million rubles more

A court in Moscow fined Google three million rubles for failure to remove prohibited content rubles under two protocols for not removing prohibited content. This is an amount of three million rubles, the press secretary of the court Zulfiya Gurinchuk told RIA Novosti.

The company was found guilty of committing an administrative offense under Part 2 of Article 13.41 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. According to the first protocol, the court sentenced him to an administrative fine in the amount of two million rubles. On the second – another fine of one million rubles.

In total, including new protocols, the total amount of Google fines increased to 44 million rubles. Fines were issued for non-removal of content prohibited by Russian law.

Earlier, employees of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) opened three new cases against Telegram on the enforcement of a seven million rubles fine for refusing to remove prohibited content. The department began to collect a fine of 12 million rubles from the messenger. Fines were also filed against Twitter.

Prior to that, Roskomnadzor announced its readiness to impose turnover fines against large IT companies for not removing prohibited content. Corporations such as Google, Twitter and Facebook have been threatened with similar sanctions.