Russian dentist learned how to make jewelry using a drill

A dentist from Irkutsk Ishmukhametov makes jewelry using a drill

A future dentist from Irkutsk Ruslan Ishmukhametov learned to create jewelry using a drill. He was inspired by videos from social networks, and orders now come from abroad. The story of the Russian was told by the Babr Mash Telegram channel.

So, four years ago, a student who was in his first year at that time saw a post on social networks about jewelry made of epoxy resin. Ishmukhametov was inspired by the products, and he decided to adapt a working tool – a drill – for a hobby. It is noted that her drill helps to grind even the smallest details.

Later, the Russian received an order from Ukraine. The client wanted to depict hands in a pendant from Michelangelo's fresco “The Creation of Adam”. The master grinded this element for four hours, although it usually takes so much time for the whole work as a whole.

As the publication emphasizes, Ishmukhametov does not plan to quit his job as a dentist for a hobby. However, giving up your favorite occupation too.

Earlier it was reported that a 71-year-old Russian woman from the Komi Republic became the world champion in hairdressing. She created a fantasy look for the model using a wire frame for braiding her hair. In addition, the hairstyle was created along with the dress, which created a complete look.