Revealed the details of the grenade mining the door of an apartment near Moscow

Shot: the grant, which was used to mine the door of an apartment in Kolomna, turned out to be a fake … The details of the incident on Monday, November 29, were revealed by the Telegram channel Shot.

According to the channel, the grenade, which was attached to the handle of the apartment's front door, turned out to be a fake. Inside was a note with the name of one of the girls living in the room. According to the text, the “gift” was left by a client who had contracted a genital infection. The girls rented a room to provide services of an intimate nature.

Earlier on November 29, it was reported that in the Moscow region unknown attackers mined the door of an apartment in a multi-storey residential building with a grenade. At about ten in the morning, she was found tied to the door handle by a 68-year-old Russian pensioner. About 30 residents were evacuated from the entrance.