Sechin presented the atlas of investments of Russian-Chinese energy cooperation

Sechin spoke about the investment atlas of Russian-Chinese energy cooperation and environmental safety, Rosneft Chief Executive Officer Igor Sechin at the third Russian-Chinese energy business forum atlas of investments in energy cooperation between countries.

“This year, the first (Russian) part of the investment atlas of Russian-Chinese energy cooperation has been prepared. This is an example of Russia's openness, our response to the high interest of our Chinese partners in investing in Russian energy and technology, “Igor Sechin said.

The atlas contains an overview of the current state, as well as the prospects for the development of the fuel and energy complex in Russia. In addition, it provides information on management institutions and regulatory policies, examples and opportunities for cooperation in the oil and gas industry, electric power, coal industry, nuclear energy, renewable energy sources, as well as on the tools and opportunities for organizing project financing and insurance in the energy sector in Russia. industry.

“This document is a comprehensive practical guide to the implementation of joint projects,” – said Igor Sechin.

The organizers have published a circulation of the investment atlas, which will be sent to companies and participating organizations. In addition, a stand with information about the structure and content of the document was placed in the lobby of the Russian site of the forum.

The event took place in a face-to-face-distance format at sites in Moscow and Beijing. A video bridge was organized between them.

“Relations between Russia and China have a long-standing strategic nature, especially in the energy sector. The Russian-Chinese Energy Forum is already a traditional and effective mechanism for discussing and developing solutions in the energy sector. And the agenda of today's forum is one of the defining ones, especially in the area of ​​climate change, ”said Roman Panov, First Vice President of Gazprombank.