A mother with a sick child received from the mayor's office a destroyed apartment with mold

A resident of Yaroslavl with a sick child received from the mayor's office a destroyed apartment with mold a destroyed apartment with mold. The woman told about this to “Such cases”.

In November 2020, Rozomashvili turned to the Patronus Children's Human Rights Center for help. On February 15, 2021, she was included in the list of those in need of housing, and in May the woman filed a lawsuit. She received the apartment in September, but the new housing was covered with black mold. “It is harmful for a healthy person to live in such conditions, not to mention a child with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and deafness. I had to give up at my own peril and risk, “- said Rozomashvili.

At the end of October, a woman with a sick child received an apartment in the same building, but with a smaller area. The new housing also has mold, albeit in a smaller amount, and the premises also need repairs. Nevertheless, Rozomashvili agreed and signed a contract of employment. At the same time, lawyer Svetlana Viktorova noted that this is the first time in her practice when she managed to get housing so quickly. She linked this with publications in the media, which the Investigative Committee drew attention to. “For the first time in my law practice in the Patronus project, which is 11 years old, we were able to obtain housing for a disabled child in just a year from the moment we applied to the project,” said the lawyer.

They will try to help the Rozomashvili family get the renovation of the premises from the administration, but Viktorova doubts this possibility. The lawyer plans to turn to charities to replace windows and remove mold. Viktorova also did not rule out the option in which she would try to achieve the recognition of the apartment as unfit for living. “Of course, Anna made a compromise, but in her situation this is a way out, because now she lives in the same dorm room with her sister, niece and daughter,” the lawyer noted.

Rozomashvili and her daughter lived together with his sister and niece in an apartment of 30 meters. Family members had to sleep on the floor, and there was not enough room for a wheelchair.

Earlier in November, 18 disabled citizens lost their land plots in Altai due to a mistake by officials. The property was taken away through the court, since a certificate of need for housing was needed to provide preferential conditions. The citizens did not provide it, since the officials themselves did not include the certificate in the list of documents required for the provision of land. At the same time, employees of Altaykraiimushchestvo stated that their actions were in accordance with the law.