A Russian who tried to persuade a detective to beat up and plant drugs on his wife was arrested

In Chelyabinsk, a Russian asked a detective to beat his wife and plant drugs on her … This was reported on Monday, November 29, by Znak.com.

According to the newspaper, the man decided to take revenge after his wife left him with his children, whose whereabouts he did not know. The Russian turned to a private detective on the Internet and offered to find his wife for 50 thousand rubles, beat her and plant drugs. After that, the person who ordered the crime was going to take the children away from the woman.

However, the private detective, instead of accepting the order, reported everything to the law enforcement agencies. The attacker was detained and a criminal case was initiated against him under Article 105 (“Incitement to murder for hire”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. summer sweetheart out of jealousy.