Myasnikov warned Russians about the dangers of snoring to health

Dr. Myasnikov said that snoring can lead to obesity, diabetes and impotence main “on the channel” Russia 1 “talked about the dangers of snoring for health. He warned that sleep apnea is a risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and can also lead to obesity and impotence. The episode is available on YouTube.

The doctor stressed that snoring does not always indicate a disease associated with this symptom. “There is snoring, which prevents our loved ones and neighbors from sleeping. And then there is a disease called sleep apnea – when snoring leads to unpleasant consequences. Especially [snoring appears] when you sleep on your back, “Myasnikov explained.

At the same time, as the doctor noted, the following happens: the soft palate sinks and blocks the entrance to the airways – this leads to the fact that the sleeping person cannot breathe and, pausing, snores through the air. The TV presenter warned viewers that the disease leads to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and impotence. The danger also lies in the fact that a person most often does not know about his snoring.

Normal snoring, in turn, depends on the anatomy: curvature of the nasal septum, trauma, as well as the presence of adenoids or overweight.

As for the treatment of sleep apnea or attempts to get rid of usual snoring, Myasnikov recommended starting with a trip to the ENT – the doctor can fix the curvature of the septum or possible injuries. If there are no anatomical reasons, the doctor advised to continue the search and pay attention to possible allergies or inflammations.

Earlier, Myasnikov named a drug that kills the thyroid gland. According to the doctor, the danger to the thyroid gland is the drug “Amiodarone”, which is prescribed against atrial fibrillation. The TV presenter clarified that this drug dramatically increases the amount of iodine in the body, since it consists of 37 percent of this substance.