Facebook offered to fork out intolerant owners of rented apartments

Flats for Friends has started charging intolerant homeowners housing started charging intolerant apartment owners. The group administrator wrote about this.

“From now on, admins only leave posts without discrimination,” she said. – Neutral posts about rent without indicating their attitude to this issue should also be deleted. Each announcement for the lease of an entire apartment and a whole house in our group must have a note: “The apartment is pet-friendly, residents of all nationalities, origins, genders, ages, preferences in love are welcome.” This is not my whim, I do it at the numerous requests of the band members. We are 238 thousand people, together we can change the attitude of people to this. ” discriminators for 499 rubles, ”said the administrator. The money is planned to be used to pay for the group moderators.

“If the owner believes that a male tenant or a tenant with a dog can cause more damage to the apartment than a single girl, then he has the right to demand a larger amount as a deposit and prescribe all the nuances in the contract, and for allergy sufferers there is hypoallergenic cleaning,” she said. Russian woman.

In the comments to the publication, many criticized the initiative. “Imposing your preferences on another person has nothing to do with tolerance,” wrote one of the subscribers. “A person is not obliged to love cats or people of all nationalities.” Others supported the idea, pointing out that this is a great solution.

It was previously reported that the practice of casting tenants, which was especially popular in the early 2000s, returned to the Moscow rental market. However, the motives of the landlords from the 2000s and the present are different. Now the owners have begun to arrange castings to save time – for example, they allocate a day with the agent for viewing, on this day they write down the maximum number of potential customers and study each one.