In Moscow, policemen with shooting detained a BMW driver with a batch of drugs

In Moscow, policemen staged a chase with shooting for a BMW driver with a batch of drugs

In Moscow, after a chase with shooting, police officers detained a BMW driver who had a large batch of drugs in his cabin. This was reported to “” by the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irina Volk.

According to her, on the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road traffic police officers stopped a car to check documents, but the man driving abruptly pressed the gas pedal. The driver, trying to escape, crashed into several cars.

Policemen staged a chase, during which they used a service weapon and fired several shots to force the offender to stop. On the 35th kilometer of the Simferopol highway, the security forces blocked a BMW. The driver was wounded and detained. In the cabin, three large parcels of white powdery substance were found.

It turned out that the detainee was 23 years old. Now he is in the hospital, a law enforcement source told His car carried six kilograms, presumably of mephedrone.