The Foreign Ministry called the situation with the Russian Kaznacheev a political kidnapping

The Russian Foreign Ministry protested the extradition of Russian citizen Kaznacheev from Germany to the United States in money laundering, from Germany to the USA. This was announced at a briefing by the official representative of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the correspondent of “” reports.

The diplomat called Washington's efforts to arrest the Russian and forcibly transfer him to American territory as a political kidnapping, aimed at demonstrating the US's right of the strong. “Russian law enforcement agencies have not received any complaints from the United States related to the alleged criminal activity of a Russian citizen,” she said. According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, if the United States has evidence of Kaznacheev's guilt, they should be provided to the Russian side.

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Zakharova stressed that Moscow has repeatedly discussed with Berlin the situation with the detained Russian. According to her, against the background of a prolonged politically motivated hunt for Russian citizens in the United States, Kaznacheev cannot count on a fair trial, so his case should be considered in Germany. The diplomat noted that the detainee's lawyers plan to challenge the extradition decision.

“If the FRG authorities go to extradite a Russian citizen, then Germany will actually become an accomplice in a serious anti-Russian action,” concluded Zakharova. She stated that this decision will be taken into account in further interaction between Moscow and Berlin.

Earlier, the Court of Appeal of the German capital ruled to extradite Russian musician and DJ Denis Kaznacheev to the United States on charges of money laundering. Ivan Melnikov, vice-president of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, said that the Russian was not notified of the meeting on his extradition.



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