Russian immunologist commented on the data on a new dangerous strain of coronavirus

Immunologist Zhemchugov: new strains of coronavirus are an attempt by the virus to bypass immunity

The emergence of new strains of COVID-19 is an attempt by the virus to bypass herd immunity. This is how the immunologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladislav Zhemchugov commented on the data on the new dangerous strain B.1.1.529, Izvestia cites his words.

The Russian expert noted that the ability to mutate is one of the main properties of viruses, which allows you to adapt to different conditions. According to him, the new conditions for coronavirus now include post-vaccine and herd immunity. By mutating, the virus is trying to bypass them, and, in particular, the delta strain has already demonstrated a significant percentage of evasion, the immunologist said.

“Mutations are spontaneous, like beads on a string, jumping all the time, or like a picture in a kaleidoscope … As a result of the action of external factors, according to Darwin, those mutations are selected that are in the interests of the virus, “Zhemchugov explained.

Earlier, the Daily Mail reported that ten cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus were recorded in Botswana, South Africa and Hong Kong titled B.1.1.529. It is believed to be the most dangerous infection.