Lukashenko called EU politicians scoundrels and urged to pay tickets for refugees

President of Belarus Lukashenko: the EU should pay for the evacuation of Iraqi migrants to Iraq, however the European Union (EU) must be involved in the evacuation of migrants. This statement was made by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, commenting on the situation with the cancellation of the flight from Minsk to Baghdad, BelTA informs.

According to him, the EU promised to provide additional funding for tickets to illegal migrants, but this did not happen. “Not a single kopeck has been received here. The Red Cross is there and others. While we feed and drink these people, “Lukashenko said and called the EU politicians scoundrels.

The Belarusian leader also called on the EU to pay migrants for a flight from Minsk to Baghdad, which was previously canceled due to funding problems.

Earlier it became known that refugees in the logistics center staged a rally demanding to let them into the EU. They rebelled against returning to Iraq and declared their firm intention to get to Germany via Poland. It was later reported that the export flight was canceled. At the same time, in November, the Polish authorities offered to cover all the costs of returning migrants home.