A man received a letter from new neighbors and learned an unpleasant truth about himself

A Reddit user showed an email that called his neighbor's house the worst in the neighborhood neighbor. In the message, his friend's house was called the worst in the area.

The author of the post said that his friend recently received a letter from new neighbors. From the message, the man learned the unpleasant truth about himself. According to neighbors, his house looks worse than everyone else in the neighborhood. “We tell our children that a lazy person lives here,” they wrote.

Neighbors advised the man to “take the initiative”: paint the house, mow the lawn, tidy up the vegetable garden and weed out all the weeds. “We are wondering if you have any pride at all, or if you are just renting this house,” the new tenants criticized it.

The post received more than 1.3 thousand comments. One of the users stated that if he received the same letter, he would want to annoy the neighbors and make his house look ten times worse. According to another commentator, the authors of the letter do not know the rules of decency.

“If I were you, I would have installed huge scary gnomes in the garden. If I could make it so that everyone passing by my house got the impression that the gnomes are watching them, then that would be great, “- shared another user.

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