The woman did botox and was left with a paralyzed face

The beautician injected the woman with too much Botox, which led to the drooping of the right eyelid. The videos posted on TikTok were noticed by The Sun journalists.

In the footage posted online, Danielle Leyden explained that she decided on the procedure because she wanted to get rid of wrinkles and make the skin smooth. According to the woman, during the session, the beautician injected too much of the drug into her nose bridge, which led to ptosis (drooping) of the right eyelid.

After visiting the specialist, the heroine of the material was left with a paralyzed face and showed changes in her appearance. So, for several weeks, Leiden's eyelid was lowered, and she could not fully open her eyes. In the video, the American emphasized that she had found special drops that helped her return her face to its previous appearance. The woman did not indicate the name of the medicine.

Netizens supported Leiden in the comments on the publication. “You are beautiful in any case”, “Don't worry, the eye will become completely the same when Botox is completely eliminated from the body”, “It was the same with me, don't worry,” “I think many have come across this, it happens,” they wrote they.

In February, the girl did botox because of an ugly smile and filmed the result that upset her. The user under the nickname drearandolph came to the clinic in order to correct the gummy smile – an individual feature in which during a conversation or when a person smiles, not only teeth are visible, but also a strip of gums. In the frames of the video, the heroine of the material first showed the photos taken before the procedure, and then – the result of the injections.



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