Dr. Myasnikov warned of the deadly danger of taking certain drugs

Doctor Myasnikov: blood thinners for mild COVID-19 are deadly

“On the channel” Russia 1 “warned of the mortal danger of taking certain drugs for a mild form of coronavirus. The release is available on YouTube.

According to the TV presenter, in most cases, patients infected with COVID-19 are prescribed blood thinning drugs. Myasnikov said that these drugs are required only for severe cases of coronavirus. If a person's disease is mild, then these drugs can be deadly, the doctor said.

“All Western medical manuals say:“ Even if you gave blood-thinning drugs in the hospital, you take them off when you are discharged “. A blood thinning drug can kill! ” – emphasized Myasnikov. He clarified that this group of drugs, if taken incorrectly, can provoke gastrointestinal bleeding or cerebral hemorrhage.

“Remember: covid-ARI, which we treat on an outpatient basis, does not require antibiotics, does not require blood thinners. Here you have to endure, “- said the specialist. At the same time, Myasnikov noted that if a patient with a mild form of coronavirus only gets worse, then he should immediately call an ambulance.

Earlier, the TV presenter appreciated the proposal to deprive the doctors of their diplomas who dissuade Russians from being vaccinated against coronavirus. Myasnikov said that if a specialist tries to convince a patient not to be vaccinated, then it is necessary to obtain his dismissal with a “wolf ticket”.



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