The Russians have called the most acute problems of rising prices and poverty

The Russians have called the most acute problems of rising prices and poverty

Moscow. August 31. INTERFAX.RU the Russians still consider rising prices the most serious problem of society, although its relevance in recent years is reduced to 61% now vs. 78% in 2015, reported “Interfax” in the “Levada-Center”.

About the crisis in the economy, the decline of production in industry and agriculture, say 28% of respondents (versus 32% in 2015).

Every fourth pointed to a sharp stratification on rich and poor, unequal distribution of income (25%) and the unavailability of many types of medical care (the importance of this item increased to 26% from 20% in 2015).

Speaking about the problems of our society worry them the most, 15% said a crisis of morality, culture, morality, and 14% — the deterioration of the environment, the 13% growth of payment, the lack of access to education, 12% — the dominance of the arbitrariness of bureaucrats and the growth of drug addiction.

Also on the list of most acute problems — the war in Eastern Ukraine (14% now vs. 22% in 2015) and the threat of explosions and other terrorist attacks (12% vs 5% earlier).

Every tenth is concerned about Western sanctions against Russia (11%), the depreciation of the rouble/devaluation of money, the weakness of state authorities (10%), inability to achieve the truth in court and the increasing number of criminal offences (8%), as well as the influx of migrants (10%) and the deterioration of interethnic relations (7%).

The last thing the Russians are concerned about delays in the payment of salaries, pensions, benefits, as well as rudeness, cruelty of police officers (6%) and restriction of civil rights, democratic freedoms (4%).

The survey was conducted 18-22 August among 1,600 people aged 18 years and older in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation.