A single day of voting — 2017: Ryazan oblast

For the post of head of the Ryazan region will fight five candidates

© Alexander Ryumin/TASS

Elections of the Governor of the Ryazan region held after February 2017 previous Chapter, Oleg Kovalev, who led the region for almost two terms, wrote a letter of resignation. The President of Russia has appointed acting Governor of a state Duma Deputy from Kaluga region, Nikolai Lyubimov. A history teacher by education first, Lyubimov made in Kaluga career, having to 45 years to work as the head of the regional center, Lieutenant Governor and speaker of the legislative Assembly of the region. It was at this time Kaluga oblast became a leader by volume of attracted investments.

In the struggle for a post of the Governor of the Ryazan region the competition he will be the leader of regotdeleniya the “Party of growth” Perekhvatov Alexander, first Secretary of the Ryazan regional Committee of the Communist party Vladimir Fedotkin, Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Alexander Sherin and Chairman of the Council of regional branch “Fair Russia” Sergei Pupkov.

Investment projects and debt

When Kovalyov of the Ryazan region it has been implemented several major investment projects: initiated the creation of a pharmaceutical cluster, commissioned the first phase of the plant for the production of high-strength fasteners for the construction of bridges, roads and subways.