A single day of voting — 2017: Mordovia

The residents of Mordovia will choose the head of the Republic of the five candidates

© Artyom Korotayev/TASS

In Mordovia direct presidential elections will be held for the first time since 2003. The campaign features five candidates. One of them — Vladimir Volkov, he leads the region in 2012. The term of office Volkova was due to expire in may 2017, but in April he was appointed acting head of the Republic.

This post also claimed by candidates from four parties. The Communist party nominated the President of group of companies “Inmedtekh” Dmitry Kuzyakin, from LDPR — the Deputy of the state Assembly of Mordovia Evgeny Tyurin, associate Professor of civil law and process the Mordovian humanitarian University. “Fair Russia” put forward the associate Professor of Moscow state University named after Ogarev Timur Geras’kina. In addition, participates in the elections the representative of the Republican branch of the Party of peace and unity, the Director of MUP Gorremdorstroy Peter Villacin.


Mordovia is the most disadvantaged region of the Russian Federation on the debt load. Debt obligations of the Republic more than twice its own revenues. According to the Ministry of Finance of Mordovia on August 1, 2017, the amount of debt amounted to more than 44 billion rubles.