A single day of voting — 2017: Kirov oblast

In the Kirov region will choose the Chapter after the resignation of Nikita Belykh


Gubernatorial elections in the Kirov region is carried out after the arrest in 2016, the head of the region Nikita Belykh and his resignation in connection with loss of trust of the President. Acting Governor appointed Igor Vasiliev was born in Leningrad, former head of Rosreestr.

Candidate Vasilyev nominated by “United Russia”. In addition, as the head of the Kirov region expect Sergei Mamayev, from the Communist party Kirill Cherkasov from LDPR and Nikolay Barsukov from the party “Communists of Russia”.

The forest and the national debt

The duty of the Kirov region to the Federal centre over the past three years Governor Nikita Belykh rose to 27.6 billion and exceeded own revenues constituting 26 billion. By February 2017, the amount of public debt has been cut by 1.6 billion rubles — to 26.2 billion According to the acting Governor Igor Vasiliev, to repay debt will be possible in 3-4 years.