“Uterine looters” from Fargo confessed to kidnapping newborn

Accused of a crime

The suspects in the brutal murder of a pregnant woman and kidnapping a newborn baby in Fargo (North Dakota, USA) confessed to the theft of the baby. Reported by the New York Post.

Brooke Cruce and her friend William Chen was charged with conspiracy to commit murder of 22-year-old Savannah, Greywind, which was on the eighth month of pregnancy. The crime was committed with a purpose to have the baby and raise it as their own.

During interrogation, the crews said that the 19 Aug invited me to his living nearby, Greywind to teach to induce labor. Two days later, the neighbor allegedly came back and gave her a baby girl.

Hyun, in turn, explained that he returned home and found a friend who tried to wash the traces of blood in the bathroom. According to him, the crews showed him the baby and said: “This is our family. This is our child”.

The police raided the apartment of the accused and found a baby girl. Her health condition does not cause fears of physicians.

On 28 August it was reported that the body of Greywind was discovered after several days of searching. She was murdered, wrapped in plastic wrap and hung on the tree.