VTSIOM called the key requests of young Russian politicians


RIA Novosti

Justice and participation in political life are among the key queries Russian young politicians.

About it it is told in message VTSIOM received by TASS on Friday.

Data were obtained in the course of the research center VTSIOM and the student of sociology, held from 31 July to 1 August during a shift for the young parliamentarians and political leaders at the youth forum “Territory meanings on the Klyazma”. The survey was conducted in the format of discussions in three focus groups with the participation of 30 people aged 18 to 30, representing different regions and political parties.

“Key request to the country’s development centered around the ideas of fairness and participation. Justice refers to participants in the study first and foremost as the equality of opportunity with inequality of starting positions,” — said in the message. “The problem, “elevators” , breaking down the way up — most urgent for young people. The second facet of justice — a reward according to merit” , — the document says.

According to VTSIOM, at the root of the request for change of representatives of future political elites discontent with the existing stratification, unfair distribution of public wealth. One of the key inquiries to the political sphere — expansion of possibilities of participation in the life of the country at different levels and the impact on the definition of country development strategies, according to a press release.

“The participants in the focus groups endorse the General Patriotic vector youth policy, however, emphasize the lack of attention to the real problems of youth, especially in education, employment, housing. Young political and public leaders want to see the youth policy delivered from formalism,” reads the document.

“Ideology is not important”

The study revealed that “the ideology for young political and social activists — not the main thing when choosing a particular party or social movement”. Team members are characterized by a mixed ideological views, and on the level of ideology poorly distinguish themselves from supporters of other parties, with the exception of young supporters of the Communist ideas, for which ideology is the core of self-determination stated in the text.

However, ” supporters of different parties share the same ideas of political order, emphasize the need for a strong leader who stands above the party system and consolidates population,” the statement reads.

Formal responses are evaluated as false

According to the head of practice of social modeling and prediction, Department of research VTSIOM Yulia Baskakova, the data indicate that ” the main value for young people is respect and justice, which are revealed through a query on the absence of coercion, the ability to speak out without fear of consequences, equality of opportunity.”

“The violation of these values that the youth respond more and more emotional the older generations. Ritual formalized answers are not read as false. Getting into the request of the youth precludes attempts to turn back the clock — you need to keep pace with the times. And even better to run a little faster,” — said Baskakov.