Trump pardoned hunted migrants Sheriff

Joe Arpayo

The US President Donald trump has signed its first order of clemency. It concerns a former Maricopa County Sheriff in Arizona Joe Arpayo (Joe Arpaio), carrying out raids on migrants. On Saturday, August 26, reports BBC News.

“Happy to report that just completely pardoned 85-year-old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpayo. He remained calm in Arizona,” wrote the head of state in Twitter.

In mid-August in an interview with Fox News channel, trump said that the Arpayo has done a lot to combat illegal migration. “He loves his country, and I can’t look at what happened to him”, — said the President.

In July, Arpayo was convicted of contempt of court. The final sentence he had to endure in October.

BBC News said that the man is known that was engaged in the detention of Latinos on suspicion of illegal immigration. In 2013, his actions were illegal, but he ignored the decision and continued raiding.

Arpayo, called “the toughest Sheriff” due to his policy against prisoners in district prisons. For example, in 1993, he transferred about two thousand prisoners (about a fifth of all) in the tent cities. They complained about the terrible heat, but the Sheriff did not pay attention to it. Prisoners were fed only twice a day. It is also known that he made them wear pink panties, knowing that they are stealing issued white.