A mental patient with a knife attacked passers-by in Marseille

Police in Marseille

Armed with a knife man attacked passers-by in Marseilles. Injured three people, the attacker struck them in the head, neck and back, reports on Saturday, August 26, the French newspaper Le Point.

Police used a stun gun to the attacker and was taken to the hospital. He previously declared insane and sent to a psychiatric hospital. The victims were taken to the hospital, but their injuries were not dangerous.

According to Le Figaro, citing a source in law enforcement bodies, 35-the summer man did not shout any political slogans and extremist. The police are not inclined to regard the incident as a terrorist attack.

Earlier on August 25 unknown with a knife attacked police officers at Buckingham Palace in London. Injured two guards. On the same day, a similar case occurred in Brussels: a man with a knife attacked a military patrol. Soldiers received wounds of hands and faces, their life is out of danger. Authorities called it a terrorist attack.