Trump has signed a decree on new sanctions against Venezuela

Trump has signed a decree on new sanctions against Venezuela

WASHINGTON, Aug 25 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The US President Donald trump has imposed new sanctions against Venezuela, said in a release sent to RIA Novosti the press Secretary of U.S. President Sarah Sanders.

“The new President’s actions prohibit transactions in new debt and securities issued by the government of Venezuela and the state oil company. Also prohibited transactions with a number of existing debt owned by the public sector of Venezuela, and dividend payments from the government of Venezuela,” said Sanders.

She reiterated that the US does not accept the convening of the National constituent Assembly of Venezuela, which announced the acceptance of the authority of Parliament — the National Assembly.

“In an attempt to prolong its existence the dictatorship of (President Nicolas) Maduro rewards and enriches the corrupt officials in the security establishment… the Economic incompetence of Maduro and large-scale looting of the wealth of the country brought the country to a default, like never before. Officials resorted to hidden financial schemes and sell the assets at bargain prices,” said Sanders.

According to her, the U.S. Treasury Department will impose a 30-day period on the implementation of sanctions by U.S. financial institutions.

“It concerns the implementation (sanctions) within the 30-day period, the financing of most of the commercial trade, including the export and import of oil transactions, including Citgo (owned by Venezuela energy company in the United States — ed.), working with an existing debt of Venezuela and the financing of humanitarian products to Venezuela,” — said in a statement.