The Polish Prime Minister has called a legitimate claim to reparations from Germany

The Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo thinks that her country is entitled to reparation from Germany for the consequences of the Second world war. About it as transfers RIA Novosti, she said at a press conference in Warsaw.

“Poland says about justice. Poland says that has to be done. We are the victims of the Second world war. We are victims to whom the damage in any way was not yet recovered,” — said Szydlo.

According to her, today we talk about reparations is a reminder about justice, about the fact that Poland belongs to. “If we are talking about the voices who criticize this position who have a different opinion, they must first look at the history and remember what happened on Polish soil during the Second world war”, — said the head of government.

Poland in early August, said the 73-th anniversary of the Warsaw uprising. Speaking on 1 August on the occasion, defence Minister Anthony Macierewicz accused the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in collusion, the purpose of which was extermination of poles.

The next day he said that Berlin is obliged to pay Warsaw reparations for the damage caused during the Second world war, and crimes against the Polish nation. The expected amount he did not name.