Qatar and Iran have officially reconciled

Qatar and Iran have officially reconciled

Qatar’s foreign Ministry announced that the Emirate plans to restore relations with Iran. The level of diplomatic representation in the Islamic Republic was lowered a year and a half ago, but only as a sign of solidarity with Saudi Arabia, the main ally of Doha at that time. Now, when Saudi Arabia from the main ally became the main opponent, the country has to set priorities and to return Ambassador to Tehran.

“The state of Qatar declares that the Emirate’s Ambassador in Tehran, will soon return to his diplomatic duties”, — said today the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country, adding that relations between Qatar and Iran is planned to be developed “in all areas”.

In January 2016, when Qatar’s foreign Ministry recalled its Ambassador from Iran, reducing the level of diplomatic representation, the balance of forces in the region were as follows: the authority Saudi Arabia was for Doha is very high. Therefore, when Riyadh severed ties with Iran in response to attacks on the Saudi Embassy, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, Kuwait and Djibouti has expressed solidarity with ally and also announced a boycott of Tehran. However, in different degrees: if the Sudan and Djibouti is fully severed relations with Iran, the rest of the country only lowered its level of diplomatic representation.