US police shot and killed killed his wife and kidnapped his own son Russian

Police in Los Angeles shot 48-year-old Konstantin Morozov, who killed his wife and kidnapped their own nine year old child. About this newspaper the Los Angeles Times.

As noted, this occurred on August 22. Before the frost killed his wife Natalia and kidnapped their son Daniel. The man was declared wanted. Tuesday night frosts were seen leaving the house of his friends, with him was his son.

The publication notes that it is not known why the police opened fire on Morozov, although the authorities claim that when it was found the gun. The man was wounded several times and died in hospital. His nine year old son was not injured.

The Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco RIA Novosti said that are aware of the incident. Also, it stressed that further comments on the circumstances of the case and take steps to protect the interests of a Russian child will come from employees of the Consulate.