Iturup killed the soldier-contractor

Iturup killed the soldier-contractor

The military investigation of the Eastern military district opened a criminal case on the fact of suicide of the soldier-the contract employee on the Kuril island of Iturup. On Thursday, August 24, reports “Interfax”.

“The case was initiated under article 110 of the criminal code (“Incitement to suicide”),” — said the Agency head of the organizational-analytical Department of the military investigation Department of the investigative Committee of Russia in the Eastern military district Nikolay Zvyagin.

The Agency points out that the relatives of the deceased do not agree with the version about suicide. In their opinion, the soldier’s death was violent.

August 20 relatives of the deceased told the newspaper ASTV that at the opening of the coffin with his body, they found in it traces of the injuries and beatings. “The neck was a strip, but only from one side, broken fingers, a broken nose, split lip, obviously it was visible that no one of the eyes, fingertips blue. It was clear that the death was violent,” — leads edition of the words relatives of 20-year-old Ivan Kozlov.