Nikita Mikhalkov is leaving the Board of Trustees of the movie

Nikita Mikhalkov is leaving the Board of Trustees of the movie

MOSCOW, August 23. /TASS/. Director Nikita Mikhalkov leaves the Board of Trustees of the movie because of the “irresponsibility” of the organization. He stated this on Wednesday at the Collegium of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

“I’m leaving the Board of Trustees. I’m leaving because I feel its irresponsible, and unfortunately, irresponsibility of the Fund. What happens when there are pictures that just don’t mean anything or that mean something, but nobody knows what to do with them when we go out together two blockbuster on the same topic and there is a battle between the channels is all the result of this irresponsibility”, — said Mikhalkov.

The Director said that one of the recent developments that led to this decision was the inclusion in the Council press Secretary of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova.

“The fact that we are at opposite positions of the human and ideological. If she was just a member of the Board of Trustees is one thing, a conversation on equal terms. And when there comes a man granted great power and possibilities, then her view will prevail,” — said Mikhalkov.

He added that these conditions could not “responsibly make decisions… I don’t see the need and the possibility to be there, lying to himself and everyone else, and I do not want,” he concluded.