The source reported Serebrennikov testimony against his colleagues

The source reported Serebrennikov testimony against his colleagues

Colleagues Serebrennikov in the “Seventh Studio” made a deal with the investigation after testimony directed against them.

Moscow. August 22. INTERFAX.RU the Director Kirill Serebrennikov, being a witness in the case of major fraud, testified for the colleagues from “the Seventh Studio”, after which they began to cooperate with the investigation, reported “Interfax” a source familiar with the investigation.

The consequence has the sufficient proofs confirming participation Serebrennikov plunder of budgetary creditsepisode “Interfax”

“At a time when the Director was in the status of the witness, he gave evidence against his colleagues in the “Seventh Studio”. After that, the accountant of this organization Nina Masliaev, pleaded guilty, an employee of the accounting Department Tatiana Jirickova witness in the case, several other persons gave evidence on his former boss,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, another source of “Interfax” reported that the reason for involvement of the Director Kirill Serebrennikov as a suspect in a case of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the project “Platform”, steel, including the testimony of several people who are in different status. “This testimony together with other evidence became the basis for the government bringing to criminal responsibility”, — said the interlocutor of “Interfax”.