The media learned about the planned expansion of military contingent in Afghanistan

The US President Donald trump on August 21 ordered about increase the American military contingent in Afghanistan. On Sunday, August 20, reports CBS News.

Earlier, the White house issued a statement saying that on Monday at 21:00 (04:00 GMT on Tuesday) trump will deliver an address to the troops and residents of the United States. The press release indicated that the appeal will affect US involvement in the situation in Afghanistan and South Asia.

Sources CBS News indicate that trump sent to Afghanistan 4 thousand American military, but also require the authorities of Pakistan to stop providing safe haven to terrorists.

19 August, trump announced that he had taken “a lot of important decisions,” including Afghanistan.

15 Aug radical movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) sent an open letter to Trump, urging him to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban claim that the ongoing violence in the country is directly related to the presence of foreign forces, which are named in the letter “occupation”.

Earlier disastrous mission in Afghanistan called the Russian foreign Ministry.

At the same time in early August, USA Today newspaper reported that the White house is developing a new strategy for participation in military operations in Afghanistan. Supposedly it involves the active use of private military companies (PMCs). According to the developers, in Afghanistan will be transferred 5.5 thousand mercenaries.

The United States began a military operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 in response to the terrorist act of 11 September of the same year. Active hostilities lasted ten years. From July 2011 began a gradual withdrawal of coalition troops from Afghanistan. In 2014, after the U.S. and allies have completed a number of special operations, a decision was made about the end of the active phase of the war.

At the moment are in Afghanistan, 8.4 thousand American soldiers. They mainly train the local troops, but often they have to participate in the fighting against the Taliban.