In pedestrian zones of Stavropol will install fencing due to the terrorist attacks in Europe

Boom will be installed in pedestrian zones in the Stavropol region as a safety measures. This was reported in the Monday, August 21, on the website of the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov.

According to the head of the region, primarily to eliminate the possibility of arrival of transport in places of a mass congestion of people need in the cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters (Kavminvody). In particular, fences should be used on Kurortny Boulevard in Kislovodsk.

“In all public areas along with the police have to serve the Cossack patrols. It is necessary to increase their numbers to counter possible threats,” — said Vladimirov.

As noted, the decision taken by the Governor after a series of terrorist attacks in Europe, for which the Commission used cars, as well as after the assault the men with a knife at passers-by in Surgut.

Previously, the Australian government has developed a strategy for the protection of places of a mass congestion of people from terrorists. One of the most important tasks is the enclosure of pedestrian areas with concrete tables.

August 19 armed with a knife man attacked passers-by in the centre of Surgut. Seven of the injured were taken to the hospital. The attacker himself had resisted arrest and were eliminated.

Two days before the van ran over the people in the area of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Later on Diagonal Avenue unknown shot down police officers guarding the area of the attack. The same evening in the town of Cambrils, a group of terrorists attempted to commit a terrorist attack, ran over to the van people. Attackers eliminated. Victims of a series of attacks, according to the latest data, there were 15 people, more than 100 were injured.

Responsibility for the attack in Surgut and Barcelona took over the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).