Trump had hoped to unite the US after protests

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed the hope that the protests will help to restore a divided country. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

“Our great country divided for decades. Sometimes you need a protest to heal, we will heal and become stronger!. I applaud the many protesters in Boston who spoke out against intolerance and hatred,” — said the head of state.

On the eve in downtown Boston held a rally of supporters of right-wing and their opponents. The extreme right went on the March of “Freedom of speech”, speaking for free to Express your opinion for every American, including adherents of the white supremacist. Their opponents came out with criticism of racial and national intolerance, but in the course of the procession were heard shouts demanding the resignation of trump.

12 Aug neo-Nazis held in Charlottesville (Virginia) spontaneous torchlight procession, requiring local authorities to refuse demolition of the monument to Confederate General Robert Edward Lee. Radicals instigated the riots continued for several days, 33 people were injured, three of them died.

16 Aug trump has spoken out against the demolition of the monument and accused the media of trying to change history. The President suggested that the monuments of Washington and Jefferson, too, can endure, using the same prepositions, as in the case with the monuments of the southerners. 45th head of the state reminded that both founding father was a large slave-owners.

18 Aug an American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has recorded a video message condemning the rally of neo-Nazis. He asked the President to criticize events in Charlottesville and offered him a version of the speech: “I refuse to support racists. The country that defeated Hitler’s army, is not a place for Nazi flags.”