On “Russia 24” mixed Yakutia with Japan

Employees of the TV channel “Russia 24” mixed up Japan with Yakutia. The video where journalists called the Republic of Sakha Japanese territory, came in Sunday the news release August 20.

Correspondents “Russia 24” told about the new helicopter with a medical module of the Mi-8, which will have to carry out sanitary flight on the territory of Yakutia and to help the people of the region in case of an emergency. At the same time, on the die showing the location stated “the Republic of Sakha (Japan)”.

Oleg Kazakov (@olegkazakov)
20 August 2017, 15:12

The error drew the attention of Twitter users, who began to laugh at the “Russia 24” and advised the employees of the TV channel to continue to be closely. “Photofact. The TV channel “Russia 24″ gave Yakutia Japan,” one of them joked.

In later releases of the video “Japan” was corrected to “Yakutia”.

At the end of may 2016, the Channel “Russia 1” mixed up Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. An error was made in one of the stories reports on the results of the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Shanghai cooperation organization.