Police found the explosive “mother of Satan” in the lair of Barcelona’s terrorists

Spanish police found in an alleged hideout of terrorists in Barcelona traces of triperoxide acetone, known as the explosive “mother of Satan”. On Friday, August 18, the newspaper El Pais.

Indicates that traces of the substance were discovered in the ruins of the house in Alcanar. The finding may reflect the more major terrorist attacks, the newspaper said.

Triperoxide (triacetone) of acetone were first obtained in 1895. For military purposes, as the initiating explosive was not used due to the increased sensitivity, however, since the 1980-ies were widely used by terrorists in the manufacture of explosive devices.

One reason, besides the cheapness and ease of synthesis, called what the compound is poorly detected by the detectors of explosives, often configured to search nitrocompounds. Because of the danger of handling this substance in the environment of terrorists called “mother of Satan”.

Triperoxide acetone were kept in improvised explosive devices used by terrorists in a major European terrorist attacks in London in 2005 and in Paris in 2015, in Brussels in 2016, and Manchester in 2017.

On 14 August the same explosives found in Moscow detained militants of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (IG), preparing attacks on transport and in shopping malls in the Russian capital.

On the evening of 17 August, the minibus ran into people in the street of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Later on Avinguda Diagonal is unknown on a truck attacked the police officers guarding the area of the attack. Injured two guards.

That same night in Cambrils, South of Barcelona, another group of terrorists attempted to commit a terrorist attack, ran over to the van people. Seven people were injured, and later one of them died. Four of the attackers were eliminated on the spot, the fifth died later.

Victims of a series of attacks, according to the latest data, there were 15 people, more than 100 were injured. According to the Catalan police, injuring citizens of the 34 States.