One of the victims died in the terrorist attack in Spanish Cambrils

One of the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona (Spain) died. This is with reference to the newspaper El Diario on Friday, August 18, reports “Interfax”.

According to preliminary data, the cause of death of this man have been stabbed.

Later on Twitter the emergency services of the Generalitat of Catalonia has a refutation of this information. The report says that rumors of the death of the victim is not true.

The evening of 17 August on a pedestrian street Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona minibus ran over a pedestrian. The earthquake killed 13 people, injured more than 100. Later unidentified truck knocked the police cordoned off the area of the attack. It was reported that the driver of the car was shot by guards. According to others, this man was in the passenger seat and was stabbed by the driver.

Later Alcanar in the province, two explosions. Their victim was a man, about 10 were injured. Then in Barcelona, the terrorists made an impact on people similar to Barcelona. It was reported that as a result of emergency suffered by the Russian. Four of the attackers were killed on the spot, the fifth died later.