A resident of Melbourne survived three terrorist attacks in London, Paris and Barcelona

A resident of Melbourne survived three terrorist attacks in London, Paris and Barcelona

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Resident Australian Melbourne Julia Monaco said that hitting on people in Barcelona was the third attack, which she has endured in her life.


In particular, the 26-year-old girl said on air of local radio station 3AW that over the past three months, she three times was in the immediate vicinity of the terrorist attacks on London bridge, Notre Dame in Paris when the terrorist attacked the employees of law enforcement agencies, and now in Barcelona.

We must admit that this is not the first time I get in these situations… This is the third time… I was trapped in the subway during the incident at London bridge and I also was in Paris that day when the incident occurred at Notre Dame… But I still want to continue to travel the world! Giulia Monaco

The girl said that at the time of hitting people in Barcelona she was in the store on the pedestrian street of Las Ramblas. According to Monaco, at first she thought what happened an accident. However, when people began to flee down the street, suddenly realized that there was a terrorist attack.

“Suddenly we closed the store, confusion began to spread among the people, but so far nobody’s really panicking… We could just see the area, we saw just what everyone was looking toward the street… but as soon as everyone started to run, I immediately realized that there was something more serious than what we first saw,” — shared the girl.

Monaco added that, despite the fatigue and the shock wants to stay in Barcelona and visit all planned.

Night a van drove into a group of people in Tarragona, 120 km from Barcelona, injured seven people, including a policeman, four terrorists were eliminated, the fifth was wounded and died later. In addition, two explosions in Alcanar: Wednesday evening and Thursday evening, they killed one person and more than ten were injured, including several police officers. It is assumed that exploded the bomb that produced the terrorists. Authorities suggest that the events in Barcelona, Tarragona Alcanar and connected.