Ulyanovsk authorities intend to equalize


RIA Novosti

The administration of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region has prepared amendments to the Federal anti-corruption law allowing regions to identify the leaders in state-owned enterprises, which will be subject to the requirements on conflict of interests, Declaration of income, removal from office. This was reported TASS the head of the state legal Department of the administration Alexey Preobrazhensky.

He added that the amendments to the administration in August will present to the Council of legislators under Federal Assembly.

Preobrazhensky noted that now in relation to governors, their deputies, heads of Executive authorities, there is a norm related to anti-corruption.

“They can be removed from office for loss of confidence, they pass the Declaration, with details about income and expenditure, there is a norm on the conflict of interests… But we have positions that are not covered [under this rule]. For example, managers of state-owned enterprises, various positions in non-profit organizations are now being created with participation of the state, … other positions associated with public procurement, with the costs of funds ” , — he said.

The initiative on drafting of amendments owned by Ulyanovsk Governor Sergei Morozov. “This bill after the development in July considered the expert Council under the [regional] Commission [for corruption], came to us from the Association of lawyers of Russia supported these initiatives. Now a bill is being prepared for submission to the Board of legislators,” said Preobrazhenskaya.

After the “zero reading” in the Council it will be formally submitted for consideration legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region in the state Duma. “Somewhere at the end of August we will make [the document] to the Board of legislators in early October, plan [to contribute] to the state Duma,” — said the Agency interlocutor.