The Embassy told about the victim of the terrorist attack in Barcelona Russian

The Russian Embassy in Spain confirmed the information that during the terrorist attack in the city of Barcelona suffered a citizen of Russia. This is stated in the message of the Embassy on the page in Facebook.

“There is information about citizen of Russia who suffered during the terrorist attack in the city of Cambrils. She was given all necessary medical care”, — said in a statement.

The diplomats also said that according to currently available official information, among the identified casualties and fatalities in Barcelona the citizens of Russia.

Earlier on Friday, the Federal tourism Agency reported that there is information about the victim of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, a citizen of Russia.

On 17 August the van ran over people on a pedestrian street Las Ramblas in Barcelona. As a result, 13 people were killed and over 100 injured.

Later that same day an unknown man on a car ran over police cordoned off the area where there was a terrorist attack.

Police arrested two suspects immigrants from North Africa. The driver of the van remains on the loose. Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”.

In addition, the evening of 17 August in the municipality of Alcanar in Catalonia, two bombs exploded, one person died and a dozen were injured, including several police officers. Later in the town of Salou, South of Barcelona, a group of terrorists in a van ran over people. Injured seven people, four criminals were eliminated, the fifth was wounded and died later.