In Switzerland they sell burgers with bugs

In Switzerland they sell burgers with bugs

Representatives of the Swiss supermarket chain Coop has announced that soon the seven stores the company will sell Burger patties and meatballs, made from flour beetles.

Pack of two chops, protein-containing insects, will cost 9.25 USD. The same will have to pay for a pack of meatballs.

The Coop representatives say their new product Essento Insect Burgers has a “superior nutritional value.” Besides Zhukov, in the unusual cutlets will include rice, carrots and various spices. The new products will go on sale before the end of August, reports UPI.

“The food from insects huge culinary potential. This is the perfect addition to many modern diets,” — said the representative of the supermarket chain.

Directorate of Coop has promised to expand the range of insects to the end of the year.

Earlier it was reported that in the menu of Belgian cafés have appeared dishes from crickets.