From the Neva caught a body of the man with the valve on the neck

Malookhtinsky embankment

The security services of St. Petersburg recovered from the Neva river the body of a floater attached to the neck reinforcement. As reported on Friday, August 18, “Fontanka”, the incident occurred the night before.

It is noted that the body washed up on Malookhtinsky embankment in the Central area of the city. Judging by the condition of the corpse, the man died a few weeks ago. The visible remains of a strong putrefactive changes, reports Nation News.

In view of the deceased from 45 to 50 years.

The body sent to the morgue for examination, established the identity of the deceased.

In early August, information appeared that in the South of the capital near the Moscow river were found fragments of human bodies were in plastic bags and cardboard boxes cemented. It is established that the remains belong to a man and a woman. In addition, there is stored a fragment of the pelvic bone of another man, his gender was not specified. The investigation is underway under article 105 of the RF criminal code murder of two or more entities.