Parents “drunk” the boy from Balashikha refused the exhumation

Family six-year-old boy, who died in an accident in Balashikha, refused the exhumation. TASS said the lawyer, Viktor Danilchenko.

“We have abandoned the procedure of exhumation. There is no reliable information that it will give something, and to subject the family to such psychological test would be unnecessary,” said the lawyer.

Danilchenko recalled that in the case of negligence assigned to comprehensive examination involving a number of experts to determine the cause of hit of alcohol in the blood of the child. The results should be ready soon.

On April 23 in the yard of a house in Balashikha, a 31-year-old Olga beneficial for Hyundai Solaris was hit by a six year old boy. The car was driven from the top, then hooked baby’s bottom and dragged a few meters. The woman in the time of the accident was on the phone and moved with excess of speed.

In the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination it was said that in the baby’s blood at the time of the accident was 2.7 per Mille of alcohol, and the parents appealed to the Investigation Committee. Re-examination established that the blood of the boy matched previously aimed to study the samples.

The father of the deceased child Roman Shimko recognized as a victim in the case of negligence upon issuance of the expert conclusion about intoxication.

The culprit of the accident was arrested, she was charged with violation of article 264 of the criminal code “Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person”.