“Jehovah’s witnesses” have made to the list of prohibited in Russia organizations

The Ministry of justice of Russia has made “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in the list of banned organizations in the country. On Thursday, August 17, reported on the website of the Ministry.

It comes as the governing centre of the religious community, and about 395 local branches. The decision was made in accordance with the Federal law “On countering extremist activities” on the basis of the decision of the Supreme Court on 20 April 2017, and appeals determination of Appeals Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 17 July.

The justice Department appealed to the Supreme Court with the claim about a ban of the organization in Russia in March. The reason was identified during the audit violations of anti-extremist legislation. Parent organization a few days after that made the list of extremist organizations of the Ministry of justice.

“Jehovah’s witnesses” — an international religious movement. There are more than seven million of its adherents. The headquarters of the organization is in new York. Jehovah’s witnesses banned some medical procedures, including blood transfusion, there were cases when members of the movement refused vital operations (according to some, singer Prince did not do the surgery to replace hip joints, which is impossible without a transfusion, for religious reasons). Because of this, the movement is often accused of disregard for human life. In addition, supporters of this belief refuse to serve in the army.