Counsel for the Teacher warned Poklonsky from “illegal actions”

Counsel for the Teacher warned Poklonsky from “illegal actions”

Konstantin Dobrynin, the attorney of Russian Director Alexey Uchitel, warned the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya from “committing illegal acts”. This is stated in the letter from the lawyer to the Parliament, the text of which is at the RBC.

The lawyer noticed that the statements made Poklonskaya as a Deputy of the state Duma in respect of the film “Matilda” to include “artificially created hysteria” being generated by “distribution of knowingly false information about allegedly committed the creative team offenses and crimes.” Dobrynin said “the misrepresentation of public authorities by manipulation of facts” and attempt to present as expert opinion “unfounded opinion of individuals, with the aim of re-audits have not created art works”.

The lawyer also suspects Polonskaya in the organization, complicity and connivance in the unauthorized actions of the football “ultras” and the use of official ties with former subordinates — employees of the Prosecutor’s office to ban the screening of the film “Matilda” in the Crimea. In addition, Dobrynin believes that Poklonski is condoning the “ultra-right groups,” to cover “pseudo-religious demagoguery and nostalgia for the monarchy of the Board”. The lawyer also reminded the public calls for the MP to recognize former Russian Emperor “our sovereign,” which may have meant “the need to change the existing constitutional order in the Russian Federation”. Dobrynin, therefore, concluded that all these facts “refer to the impending illegal acts.”

The lawyer concluded that it “considers it appropriate to warn” Poklonsky from “continuing a wrongful anti-social behavior” so as “to prevent more dangerous offences, including committing a crime”.

The Ministry of culture on 10 August, was allowed to rent “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel throughout Russia. The Director called the decision a response to “obscurantist” campaign. Poklonskaya said in reply about the irregularities in the granting of permission, and accused the Ministry of culture of extremism. At the same time, the Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov appreciated “Matilda” as “a good, strong film.”

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