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Journalist Men’s Health Edward lane (Edward Lane) from the UK got a pink sports top and has launched a parody Instagram account, which ridicules the supporters of Wellness — life style, which harmoniously combines nutrition, health, mental and physical activity. The comic profile of the British has gained a lot of supporters, and some girls signed to it, admit that they knew the photos themselves.

Photos lane lightly brags how he manages to combine sport, love of yoga, travelling and reading to a normal life. However, instead of the smoothie he drinks alcohol, and on the everyday exploits inspired not motivating books, and biographies of Margaret Thatcher or Joseph Stalin.

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“Be misunderstood. People don’t realize that in addition to the GULAG and genocide, Stalin was one of the pioneers of Wellness. You know that he actually invented zoats (zucchini with oats — approx. “Of the tape.ru”)? I KNOW, I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. In any case, by reading his biography to my nightly meditations, I understand that at the time we put the iron curtain on the positive impact of uncle Joe (the so-called Stalin) in the world.”

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The man told Mashable that the idea to run a parody account came to his mind when he helped to take photos of his girlfriend, WomensHealth editor and ardent admirer Wellness AMI Hopkinson (Hopkinson Amy). According to him, he watched what tricks is his girlfriend for the sake of good pictures for Instagram, and understood “what it was like madness.” The journalist believes that subtly promotes bodypositive.