The mayor of the Irish city chose the goat

The mayor of the Irish city chose the goat

In the Irish town of Killorglin, was solemnly elected mayor of a wild goat. The coronation of the animal was held in the framework of the annual Puck Fair festival, named in honor of king Puck, a monument which is installed in the centre of the village. The monument is a standing on the pedestal of a goat, reports the Metro.

Every year on the eve of the three-day Puck Fair festival Killorglin residents go to the mountains to hunt the horned king. Then caught the goat placed in a cage and set it in the center of the city. All this time, animals are treated like royalty, it is regularly fed with cabbage bran and watered.

After the end of the feast of the goat is released back into the mountains.

According to locals, this tradition several centuries, and for the unprepared audience “coronation” looks quite shocking.

However, neither one goat as a result of the holiday was not injured.

According to one version, the goat became a symbol of Killorglin during the conquest of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell in the seventeenth century. Tell that to some point, the British military came upon a herd of goats, one of whom managed to escape and run in Killorglin. The goat was severely emaciated. Looking at his condition, the locals realized that they are in danger.