Omsk pensioners suspected of intentional falls in transport for the money

Omsk carriers suspect that older women for the compensation they were to fall in the transport. About it writes on Tuesday, August 15, “Superomsk”.

As reported by the portal owners of Shuttle buses, lately it became more frequent lawsuits, and there are groups of lawyers who are specifically looking for victims, then to go to court. In the end, the carriers are forced to pay not only insurance, but also compensation of moral harm.

According to the head of the company “Park the Car” Vitaliy Toropov, “we do not know where you got injured and can, with a ticket in hand, to demand moral compensation from the carrier”. “There were several cases where the pensioner had filed lawsuits and won. So what we get here “Babkin business””, he said.

The man said that one of the pensioners is going to recover from it 650 thousand rubles for a fracture of the spine in February 2016. “She doesn’t even remember what it was a bus and where it happened. The bump jolted (…) Who knows, if it happened?” — said the head of “Park the Car”.

Toropov added that the fact of receiving injury should lock in place, however, the woman called an ambulance home. “It was slippery. She could have fallen on the street, then just to figure out the ticket from the bus,” he said. “Good business happens when two times in the bus fell and you can buy a one-bedroom apartment,” said the man.

According to the portal, in 2017 100 thousand collected from two individual entrepreneurs, organized transportation in Omsk.

In July it was reported that in Omsk during the morning rush hour of a route minibus on the fallen passenger. When you turn in the bus door opened and the woman 1961 year of birth was on the roadway. The victim was hospitalized.