The US can halve the radius of movement of Russian diplomats

The US can halve the radius of movement of Russian diplomats

Washington considers this measure as a response to the decrease in the number of the us diplomatic mission in Russia.

The United States can limit the radius of movement of the Russian diplomats working in the country.

We are talking about reducing a perimeter of 25 miles (40 km), which is now up to 10-15 miles (16-24 km).

Moreover, it will introduce a notification procedure under which the employees of the Russian diplomatic missions have three working days to notify the state Department about their plans to move off to a distance in excess of the prescribed American authorities norms.

This “Izvestia” said the well-informed diplomatic sources. According to sources, this is one of the possible retaliatory steps that are now being considered in Washington. As expected, on its final decision the States will be announced before 1 September.

Previously, “Kommersant” reported another probable step of the American side — the closing of one of Russia’s consulates in the United States. Well-informed sources of “News” familiar with the discussions response, I noticed that this option was also considered by the state Department and is considered the most soft. In addition, according to sources in Washington are discussing the possibility of expulsion of another group of Russian diplomats.

That Washington is preparing a list of responses, August 6, said U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. The head of the American foreign Ministry added that it has already informed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. At the same time Mr. Tillerson said that the US has not yet decided what steps will be taken.

Informed diplomatic sources told “Izvestia” that one possible response options — limit the radius of movement of Russian diplomats and technical staff of the Embassy and consulates. This is the most drastic measure which is considered by the state Department. Not likely to be an exception and the Russian Embassy in Washington.