The trailer with Nutella and a “Kinder-surprises” was stolen in Germany

Unknown stole in Germany, a truck loaded with 20 tons of sweets, including Nutella and chocolate eggs “Kinder surprise”. On Monday, August 14, according to Welt.

The incident happened in Neustadt, Hessen. According to police, the crime was committed between Saturday night and noon Sunday.

The total value stolen is estimated at 50-70 thousand euros. The police establishes the circumstances of the incident.

At the end of 2016 in Moscow detained a man suspected of stealing “Gazelle” with the cakes. The alleged culprit was 28-the summer native of Central Asia.

A statement about car theft to law enforcement authorities asked the resident of the Moscow region. According to the victim, he delivered a batch of confectionery to the grocery store. During unloading of the goods, the man left the ignition keys in the lock, and then his car was stolen.