The scientists found in the ice of Antarctica, more than 90 volcanoes

Scientists from Edinburgh University discovered under the ice of Antarctica 91 the volcano. It is reported by British newspaper the Guardian.

Volcanoes, ranging in height from 100 to almost four thousand meters, is covered by a two-kilometer layer of ice, located in the Western part of the continent. Previously, scientists knew about the existence of the continent’s 47 volcanoes.

Experts plan to determine how active the findings and what is the risk of eruption. Geologists claim that if one of these volcanoes will Wake up that this will lead to a further destabilization of the ice sheets of Antarctica and the ice in the sea.

11 APR geographer Matthew Blackett from the University of Coventry (UK) named the five most dangerous volcanoes of the Earth. Of their eruption, as shown by the calculations, may lead to the death of thousands of people. According to the scientist, the greatest danger to the lives of people are active volcanoes Vesuvius (Italy), Nyiragongo (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Popocatepetl (Mexico), Krakatau (Indonesia) and baekdu (North Korea).